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2022/2023 LCAP Plans
​Educator Effectiveness Block Grant Plan - MCOE Educator Eff Grant Plan


2021 Safe Return to In-Person Instruction MCOE PlanMCOE Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plan.pdf

​ 2019/2020 Annual Update and 2020/2021 LCP Annual Update
Board approved 6/21/2021

2021/2022 Budget Overview for Parents
Board approved 6/21/2021

2021-2024 LCAP - Local Control Accountability Plan
Board approved 6/21/2021

2021 Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Plan (ELO)
 Board approved 5/17/2021

Local Control Accountability Plan Federal Addendum

Merced County Office of Education Addendum - 2021 LCAP_Federal_Addendum

WASC Action Plan

Valley Community School

EL Master Plan 

MCOE EL Master Plan (revised 5-2020)

Expelled Youth

Merced County Plan for Provision of Educational Services to Expelled Youth​​

School Accountability Report Cards 2020-2021

Merced Scholars Charter    

Come Back Charter    

Atwater Valley Community School     

Los Banos Valley Community School    

Merced Valley Community School       

Merced County Juvenile Court ​   

School Plan for Student Achievement 2021-202​2

VCS - Atwater SPSA 21 22     ATW Spanish SPSA 21-22.pdf

VCS -  Los Banos - SPSA 21 22       Los Banos Spanish SPSA 21-22.pdf

VCS - Merced - SPSA 21 22        Merced Spanish SPSA 21-22.pdf

Juvenile Court School - SPSA 21 22  Juv Hall Spanish SPSA 21-22.pdf

DAC/DELAC Meetings 2021-2022

November 10, 2021 ​-DAC Agenda1  DAC Minutes 1   DELAC Agenda1   DELAC Minutes

       March 9, 2022 -DAC Agenda2    DAC Minutes2  DELAC Agenda2  DELAC Minutes2

    ​May 24, 2022  - DAC Agenda3   DAC Minutes3  DELAC Agenda3  DELAC Minutes3

Homeless Flyer English   Homeless Flyer Spanish

MCOE Bullying Notice and Regulation

MCOE Community Resources / Counselor's Corner​