Merced County Office of Education

How Do I Get Started?

​​​​​​How Do I Get Started?​     ​​

Enrolling at CBCS involves three steps:

  • STEP 1: Complete an online Intent to Enroll Form to add yourself to our Intent to Enroll List​

​CBCS New Student Intent to Enroll Form

  • ​STEP 2: Attend a CBCS Orientation. Orientation dates will be postedon our website. Please note: dates are subject to change. Please check the website or call the school prior to the orientation.

  • ​STEP 3: Complete all of the proper enrollment forms. These forms are given to potential students at the time of orientation.

After completing those three steps, then we ask for some patience as your start date after orientation may take up to two weeks. In the meantime:

  • Wait for the next opening. A teacher will contact you once an opening is available. Time will vary as start date for students will depend on teacher caseload and the number of students enrolled.
  • Meet with your teacher. At this meeting, a Master Agreement will be signed and this will start your journey in achieving your diploma!