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Camp Green Meadows Outdoor School is operated through the Merced County Office of Education and runs 4 and 5 day residential programs for 6th grade students. During the week, students stay in cabins on site and spend their days out on trails in the Sierra National Forest surrounding Green Meadows. Using the outdoors as the classroom, teachers and Naturalists take student groups out for two hour class hikes focused on topics such as ecology, natural history, wilderness skills, and teambuilding. All of our classes are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and students are able to see the concepts they learn truly come to life. In addition, the outdoor school experience is full of social learning for students as they learn to work together with others and take on high levels of personal responsibility. Overall, outdoor school is an impacting experience for students. Often it is an experience they look forward to for years before their visit and one that they will fondly remember for years afterwards.​​​

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