Merced County Office of Education

Classes at Green Meadows


Each full day at outdoor school students go on a morning class and afternoon class with either a Naturalist or a teacher, as ​well as a high school Cabin Leader to act as a class aide. Classes are two hour long hikes in the forest around Green Meadows during which the instructor teaches lessons and activities around the class topic. Class curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and our lesson plans for teachers fully outline how each activity contributes to a given set of performance expectations. Students are split up into class groups of about 12 – 20 students that they stay with for the duration of the week. These groups are different from their cabin and meal groups, and each class period they have a different instructor. Students are expected to bring a full water bottle to class, as well as any gear they may need for inclement weather (such as a raincoat, poncho, or waterproof boots) since 
classes occur rain or shine!

Every week, teachers select the classes that will be run from our "class menu." We offer 8 different classes that range in topic from ecology to outdoor skills to teambuilding. Classes such as Stream Ecology, Forest Ecology, and Wildlife Ecology offer an excellent opportunity for students to see scientific concepts from the classroom come to life and experience the outdoors through hands-on experiential learning. Classes such as Orienteering and Wilderness Ethics allow students to learn practical outdoors skills and help inspire students to keep spending time outside even after outdoor school is done. We also offer a Team Challenge class which is the perfect way for students to learn to cooperate and work together, as well as forge bonds between students from different home schools. In addition to our typical daytime classes, we also offer options for field trips to the Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Valley, or an All-Day Adventure Hike through the Sierra National Forest.