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Classes Offered

​​​Classes we offer

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  • All classes occur in the field to the greatest extent possible
  • All classes noted as seasonal are TBD week to week based on road and weather conditions

Custom Classes/Trips 

Share with us your concepts and outcomes and our talented and flexible staff will work with you and your staff to create a custom tailored program to suit your needs, always with an eye toward student centered experiential learning, success and safety for all students age 8-108.

Life Science/Ecology Camp Green Meadows Forest Ecology.jpg

  • Forest Ecology: Students study the fundamental concepts of ecology as they occur in the forest through hands on exploration.
  • Stream Ecology (seasonal): Students study how water systems function globally and in the state of California as well as exploring concepts of stream health through basic experiments and by studying big creek and its resident aquatic insects.
  • Wildlife Ecology: Students explore fundamental concepts of wildlife biology through guided observation, exploration, and group games. 

Earth Science Camp Green Meadows Geology.jpg

  • Geology (seasonal): Students study fundamental concepts of geology as well as the human and ecological value of mineral resources  through hands-on exploration, observation and group games.
  • Winter Earth (seasonal): Students explore concepts of earth science (notably the rock cycle and water cycle) through guided exploration of the snowy sierra environment as well as guided lab experiments. 

Outdoor Skills
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  • Orienteering: Students master basic compass skills through instruction and subsequent compass scavenger hunt courses, as well as learning more about: how a compass works, other forms of direction/route finding and map reading. 
  • Wilderness Ethics: Students learn basic wilderness survival skills and knowledge as well as leave no trace ethics through a simulated survival experience.

Human History 

  • Miwok Culture: Students explore the concept of culture while learning about the daily lives of the native people of the Big Creek area through discussion, exploration of our recreated Miwok
    village and the surrounding forest and traditional California native games. 

  • Sierra People: Students learn about human history, habitation from prehistoric times through the present , and use of the Big Creek area and its resources over time through exploration of the forest, Miwok village and possible trips to the living history ​center in Wawona, Yosemite National Park. (Great 4th grade western expansion curriculum) 

Team Building 

  • Basic Team Building: Students explore group dynamics, communication and co-operation through a series of graduated team building initiatives. 
  • Team Challenge Course (Seasonal/May not be feasible with larger groups): Using compass
    skills students compete in small teams to complete a team initiative challenge course that takes them through the forest with the supervision of a naturalist.

Yosemite Valley Trips (all day 9-4 w/trail lunch) 

  • Big Trees (seasonal): Students get a one way trip to the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias,
    explore the grove's ancient trees and study their unique ecology, have a trailside lunch and hike back to Green Meadows on Park and forest trails.
  • Yosemite Valley (seasonal): Students travel by bus to and from Yosemite Valley where they spend the day exploring it's natural wonders and geologic history.
  • All Day Adventure Hike (seasonal): ​Students go on a four mile hike through the Sierra National Forest and learn about fire ecology and human history of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Night Classes 

  • Night Prowl (Teacher led): Students explore how nocturnal animals use their 5 senses to survive through games and sensory awareness activities in the forest at night. 
  • Astronomy: Students learn about stars, shooting stars planets, galaxies and constellations through night time observation, discussion and stories. 
  • Egg Drop: Students work together in cabin teams to engineer a contraption to keep their egg from breaking when dropped from increasing height. ​