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Steve M. Tietjen, Ed.D | County Superintendent of Schools

Educational Services Staff

Merced County Office of Education

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All e-mail addresses are username @

Name Title​​​​​​ Phone​ E-Mail​
NameJohn Magneson Title​​​​​​Assistant Superintendent Phone​(209) 381-6638 E-Mail​jmagneson
NameCeci Perez Title​​​​​​Executive Secretary Phone(209) 381-6634 E-Mail​cperez
Name​Holly Newlon Title​​​​​​​Director, College & Career Phone​​(209) 381-6740 E-Mail​hnewlon
Name​Kristie Williams Title​​​​​​Administrative ​Secretary, College & Career Phone​​(209) 381-5922 ​kwilliams​
​Lyalla Dias

​Coordinator, Cal-SOAP
​(209) 381-5917
Name​Nou Chee Xiong Title​​​​​​

​Youth Services Assistant,Cal-SOAP

Phone​​(209) 381-5919 E-Mail​NXiong

Daphne Post
​Coordinatory, EMPOWER/Foster Youth
​(209) 381-5918 dpost
​Sandra Stevens
​Foster Youth Services Educational Liasion
​(209) 381-4519
Name​Sabrina Desalez Title​​​​​​​Support Service Assistant, Foster Youth Phone​​(209) 381-5110 E-Mail​​​sdesalez
Name​Mary Whited Title​​​​​​​Coordinator, Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Phone​​(209) 381-6677 E-Mail​mwhited
Name​​Janice Rogge Title​​​​​​​ROP Program Specialist Phone​​(209) 381-6789 E-Mail​​jrogge
Name​Maira Noriega Title​​​​​​Administrative ​Secretary, ROP Phone​​(209) 381-6688 E-Mail​​mnoriega
Name​Dora Robles Title​​​​​​​Secretary, ROP Phone​​(209) 381-6684 E-Mail​​drobles​
NameFrancisco Romo Title​​​​​​Director, Continuous Improvement
Phone​(209) 381-6737 fromo
​Laura Andrews
​Coordinator, State & Federal Programs
​(209) 381-5944
Diana Chavez Title​​​​​​Administrative ​Secretary, Continuous Improvement
State & Federal
Phone​(209) 381-4509 dchavez
Name​Amy Mejia
Title​​​​​​Coordinator, ELD Phone​​​(209) 381-5997 E-Mail​amejia
​Audry Garza
​Coordinator, ELA
Name Paula Smith Title​​​​​​Administrative Secretary, ELA/ELD
Phone​(209) 381-6760 E-Mail​psmith​
​Duane Habecker
​Coordinator, Mathematics
​(209) 381-5147
​Rosanna Ayers
​Coordinator, Science
​(209) 381-5971
​Ruth Sanchez
​Secretary, Math/Science
​​(209) 381-4570
NameMichelle Symes Title​​​​​​Director, District Support Services
Phone​(209) 381-5904 E-Mail​>msymes
NameHeather Woody
Title​​​​​​Administrative ​Secretary, District Support Services Phone​(209) 381-5976 E-Mail​hwoody
NameMatthew Edwards Title​​​​​​Coordinator, Educational Technology (ETC) Phone​(209) 381-5908 E-Mail​​medwards
NameLaRae Demorest Title​​​​​​Learning Resource Specialist, ETC Phone​(209) 381-6630
NameCarlos Lupian
Title​​​​​​Learning Resource Specialist, ETC​ Phone​(209 381-6641 E-Mail​clupian
NameTim Ryan
Title​​​​​​Production Technician, ETC Phone​(209) 381-6657 E-Mail​tryan
​Karla Paul

​Coordinator, Credentialing Programs
​(209) 381-6614
Name​Stacy Shasky
Title​​​​​​Coordinator, Credintialing Programs/Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Phone​(209) 381-6629 E-Mail​sshasky
NameGayle Catuiza
Title​​​​​​Administrative Secretary, Credentialing Programs, TIP Phone​(209) 381-6644 E-Mail​gcatuiza​
NameStacie Arancibia
Title​​​​​​Events & Community Engagement Specialist
Phone​(209) 381-5910 E-Mail​sarancibia​​
NamePatty Espino​za
Title​​​​​​Secretary, Events
Phone​(209) 381-6608
NameOdessa Osby Title​​​​​​Administrative Clerk, Events
Phone​(209) 381-4568 E-Mail​oosby
Bob Bassett​Principal, Camp Green Meadows Outdoor School
(559) 642-0122​

​Claire Hayward
​Operations Specialist, Camp Green Meadows Outdoor Schol
(559) 642-0122​​​
NameRaul Diaz Title​​​​​​Director of Migrant Education Phone​(209) 381-6702 E-Mail​radiaz
NameElmira Mello Title​​​​​​​Administrative Secretary, Migrant Education Phone​(209) 381-6703 E-Mail​emello
NameOsvaldo De Luna Title​​​​​​Director, Leadership and Systems Phone​(209) 381-5966 E-Mail​odeluna
Name​Diana Chavez Title​​​​​​​Secretary, Leadership and Systems
Phone​​​(209) 381-5998 E-Mail​dchavez
Amelia Jimenez
Coordinator, ​Leadership and Systems
​(209) 381-6761
​Ana Moreno
Secretary, Leadership and Systems
​(209) 381-5906

​Sheilah Brooks
​Program Advisor​(209) 381-6674
NameMay Moua Title​​​​​​Director,
Student Programs
Phone​(209) 381-6648 E-Mail​mtmoua
NameChelsea Dunlap
Title​​​​​​Administrative Secretary, Student Programs
Phone​(209) 381-6647 cdunlap
NameSheilah Brooks Title​​​​​​Program Advisor Phone​(209) 381-6675 E-Mail​sbrooks
Name​Liz Rojas Title​​​​​​​Expanded Learning Program Manager Phone​​(209) 381-5958 E-Mail​erojas
Title​​​​​​Administrative ​Secretary, Expanded Learning
Phone​​(209) 381-5934
NameSandra Betschart Title​​​​​​Account Technician, Expanded Learning Phone​(209) 381-6656 E-Mail​sbetschart

NameEdit Salazar
Title​​​​​​Expanded Learning Program Supervisor Phone​(209) 381-6635 esalazar
NameCatherine Pamer
Title​​​​​​Expanded Learning Program Supervisor
Phone​(209) 381-5939 E-Mail​cpamer
NameJesus Fernandez Title​​​​​​Expanded Learning Program Supervisor Phone​(209) 381-5643 E-Mail​jfernandez​​
​Adriana Canchola

Expanded Learning Program Supervisor
​(209) 381-6655
Name​Harpreet Takhar
Expanded Learning Program Advisor Phone​(209) 381-5935 E-Mail​htakhar

All e-mail addresses are username @ ​


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