Merced County Office of Education

Selecting a College

​Make the Right Choice

    When choosing a college, consider the following:

  • In-state or out-of-state. In-state tuition is less than out-of-state. Check to see if any colleges in your state offer the degree, activities and other criteria you and your child have identified.
  • Public or private Public schools are generally less restrictive and less expensive then private schools. Publicly funded state schools are more accessible than private schools. Private schools, however, may offer smaller classes and more personalized education.
  • School size and class sizes. At large universities, classes may range from 25 to 500 students. At small colleges, classes usually range from five to 100 students.
  • Student activities. Do the colleges and universities your child is considering offer activities in which he or she would like to be involved?
  • Location. A college or university's location (rural area, small town or city) affects housing, transportation and access to off-campus activities.
  • Atmosphere and physical surroundings. A school's atmosphere is created by the interests and attitudes of the students, as well as the physical environment. A school may be politically vibrant, or may center on school spirit, tradition and athletics. Or it may have a very professional atmosphere. You and your child should consider the atmosphere that suits him or her best.
  • Housing options. Does your child need on-campus housing? Is it available? If your child wishes to live off-campus, is there accessible, safe transportation to the campus?

    Borrowed from Finding the Right College​​.