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Steve M. Tietjen, Ed.D | County Superintendent of Schools

Piggyback Purchasing

Merced County Office of Education

​"Piggyback" Clause #1

​The Vendor agrees to allow the _______________________ (district or agency issuing the bid) and other public agencies and school districts in the State of California to purchase additional items, at the same terms and conditions as this bid, during the period of time that this bid is in effect.  

​​Districts and agencies may order additional items in qualities of one or more.

A​ny Liability created by Purchase Orders issued against this agreement shall be the sole responsibility of the district or agency placing the order.  

P​rices and terms shall remain firm and in effect for _____________________________________ (i.e., 365, 120, 90, 60) days following the award of this bid, unless otherwise specified.  

​"Piggyback" Clause #2

​Other county offices of education, public agencies, and school districts within California may desire to award a contract in response to this Invitation for Bid.  If authorized by bidder under schedule of this invitation, bidder shall provide (name of project/bid) to these districts at the same prices and upon the same terms and conditions pursuant to Sections 20118 and 20562 of the California Public Contract Code. 

​DISTRICT reserves (or waives) the right to require districts and other agencies to draw their warrants in favor of the DISTRICT as provided in said code sections.  

​"Piggyback" Clause #3

The DISTRICT or other public agencies within the State of California may purchase additional items from any contract resulting from this bid.   CONTRACTOR agrees that subsequent orders shall be accepted at the same terms and conditions as the original order.  

​"Piggyback" Clause #4

CONTRACTORS are requested to indicate on the Bid if they will extend the pricing, terms and conditions fo this bid to other government agencies, if the CONTRACTOR is the successful vendor.  If the successful vendor agrees to this provision, participating agencies may enter into a contract with the successful vendor for the purchase of the service and commodities described herein based on the terms, conditions, prices, and percentages offered by the successful vendor to the DISTRICT. Minor changes in terms and conditions may be negotiated by participating agencies for up to (period of time) following the award of this contract.  The following agencies may participate in the final contract: (list of local agencies).  In addition, agencies not listed may also participate in the final contract.  

Reference: Public Contract Code Sections 20118, 20652. 

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